In Exams tab open “Create New Exam” form and create your required exam. Once the Exam will be saved so system will ask you to generate & save Answer sheet in PDF format. (Creating a New Exam in EFSoft OMR)

EFSoft OMR Software generates Answer sheet in PDF format.

To print out the sheet you must have Adobe Reader through which sheet can be printed.

Whenever you print the answer sheet Pl make sure that you follow the below steps:

  1. Set your printer page type as A4.
  2. Page size should be selected as “Actual Size”. It is very important that you should not select other options i.e. “Fit to page”, “Shrink…” or using custom scaling the page.

Correct way to print out the sheet using Adobe Reader.

Yes. Copies can be used of Answer sheet using Photo copier machine but it should be copied on the same size as the original print out of answer sheet.

No page scaling should be done by photocopy machine. Otherwise Answer sheet wouldn’t be detectable by EFSoft OMR.

It is recommended that, you take one print out from your printer and then do photocopy.

Because already photocopied sheet wouldn’t be straight aligned.